Saturday, 25 April 2009

Nottingham Congress 2009

I'm playing in the minor section of the Nottingham Congress, lost the first game but didn't play too badly. The mistake in the end was deciding to exchange the knight for the bishop. Could maybe have hung on for the draw if I hadn't done that. Second game was a bit too easy, against an ungraded player who I don't think has encountered the Fried Liver before. Games:



Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Mick Orridge - RIP

I was saddened to hear last night that Mick Orridge, a local player, had passed away on Saturday. He was a genuinely nice guy, and I'll miss him a lot.

I've been told he had been diagnosed with cancer late on in the last few months. He was always energetic and full of life, much more so than a lot of people younger than him.

This season was his first as chairman of Spondon chess club, he'll be missed by everyone.

His funeral is on Friday 17th April 2009 at 1:15pm at Derby crematorium. He wished for donations to be made to Macmillan Cancer Support instead of flowers.