Wednesday, 27 August 2008

BLundering against BLoomes

Last night I played the final club championship game of the season against Bert Loomes. When I've previously played against him with white he used to play the Philidor, but this time he played the French defence, with some moves that totally threw me. I was lost very early on.

When he played 4...Ba6, I just carried on playing the standard Kings Indian Attack, but in this case I should have altered the plan, playing Be2 so that I could castle safely.

In the position below, I miscalculated and played Bf1, overlooking that taking back with the Knight leaves me unable to castle. I could have in fact trapped his bishop by playing b4 followed by e5.

I then blundered by moving my Queen instead of taking back the bishop, thinking I'd discovered a way out of the mess.



Anonymous said...

Qa4+ was way to optimistic and played without calculation otherwise you would have seen that b5 would make you lose a piece.

After that blunder you exchanged to much pieces so that you didn't have any counterplay left.

Rolling Pawns said...

Playing a lot online improved my tactical vision essentially, maybe it can help you too.