Tuesday, 8 September 2009

New season

First match of the season tonight was against Ian Gregory in the Spondon club championship. Predictably I got smashed, I never seem to know what to do when the opponent throws their pawns forward. Any advice on what I could have done better would be appreciated.



Lauri said...

For me your opening looked very passive, kings indian attack perhaps?

This leaves open hands for your opponent. 13.Nhf3 is first move I find dubious: you remove forces where black is aiming its attack. I'd much prefer 13.Ndf3!?

14.gxh4?! is next move I find dubious: you are breaking up the kingside voluntarily.

15.Nc4?? allows Bxg2 16.Kxg2 Qg4+ and must be loosing.

My suggestion is playing more to the center: more active moves. 3.d4!? 5.d4!? 9.c3!?

Dean said...

Hi Lauri, yes it was Kings Indian Attack. I've never really studied openings so wasn't sure what was best to play. I'm thinking against the pirc I should have tried to occupy the centre more?

I played move 13 because I was worried about leaving the knight hanging on the edge, but didn't calculate it correctly.

Move 15 was the big tactical mistake.