Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Oh dear

Sorry Pete but I couldn't resist putting this game up, I doubt I'll get an easier game against you than this :)



Pete said...



What an evening! Everything went wrong for me. I even left my laptop at the club and had to do an 18 mile round trip to go back and get it.
I had a moment of chess blindness 3 moves before the end, saw a combination based on a pin that didn't exist and distracted myself (from the obvious blunder) visualizing lots of different positions that I thought could result from the variations.
Sorry I kept leaving the board, I was very interested in the game but I had to speak to people about the county, cup & plate & c teams.
Well played, I hope I manage to give you a better game next time. I'm sure your grade will have an extra digit added to it next year because of all your recent wins, keep up the good work!

Chess Knight said...

Indeed Qxh4 !! is probably the best move in this position :) More luck next time!