Sunday, 20 January 2008

Nottingham Rapidplay 2008

I had a great time today at the Nottingham Rapidplay 2008. I ended up with 3 points from the 6 games played, and was pleased with my performance. Round 1, I played white against Kim Gilbert (rated 94), who turned up about 10mins late for the 30mins game. I won in a time scramble, I'd offered a draw when we were both short of time and he had a better position but even material. He'd had a much stronger position throughout so very happy with the win.

Round 2 I was black against eventual winner of the minor section, Eric McKenna (72). I managed to get a perpetual check after being close to mated. So draw was a great result.

I lost to Jon Asbury (92) in round 3, was mated in a Kings Indian Defence. In Round 4 I beat young unrated George Seabridge.

I played Dorothy Blampied (79) for the first time in Round 5, I was down the exchange but managed to win it back, and agreed a draw offer when down a pawn.

Last round I lost to a nice mating combination that sacrificed a queen against William Preston (76).

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