Sunday, 6 January 2008

Teamleague T35

My first post of 2008... I haven't played much OTB chess recently, that should change on Tuesday though as I've got a Derbyshire Individual match against Harry Ratner. I have been quite busy on FICS, playing lots of games, but unfortunately my rating is still around the 1450 level. I've been asked to join the admin team at TeamLeague for T35, on the board and as a tournament director. I think I'll enjoy it, so am looking forward to it getting started. I'll again captain KnightRiders in the U1600 section. The OCL tournament is almost at a close, my team didn't do very well, and will probably finish bottom. Was disappointed with some noshows. I've also been playing in the 90-30 mamer tournament on fics, the first few rounds were frustrating due to noshows, but it has been enjoyable in the later rounds. I haven't done much recently regarding the circles, I do some problems now and again in the book but haven't added up my progress.


nemo said...

Good luck with your match against Ratner. I don't quite know what FICS is but 1450 isn't too bad!

Dean said...

Hi Nemo, FICS is the free internet chess server, see for more details. I drew against Harry Ratner last night in a tight and difficult game. Will probably post the pgn this evening. Thanks, Dean