Sunday, 27 April 2008

Catching up with the blogs

I'd taken a break from reading chess blogs for a while, but am now catching up with what I missed, thanks to Bloglines keeping a list of them. More bloggers are now posting video clips, analysing games and books etc. There are a bunch of good ones at Barnet Elizabethans Chess Club, and also BDK has posted reviews of all his books, starting here.

There's a good write-up of a players experiences playing in Moscow here, here and here.


Blue Devil Knight said...

Good to see the recent upswing in posts here!

I'll soon be answering a question of yours from long ago, yet one more of the loose ends I'm tying up as I finish out my blog.

Dean said...

Hi BDK, Yes I've found during my brief chess journey that my interest levels dip and rise periodically. I think I'm back on a rise at the moment. I haven't been tempted to go back to online games yet, but am enjoying the OTB games and have started studying again, particularly endgames. I've just noticed you've made a new post, somehow in August 2008, been watching dr.who? Good luck in your future, whether it involves chess or not. Thanks, Dean. p.s. The videos were great, I feel guilty having 16 chess books, your other half must be much more forgiving than mine!

Blue Devil Knight said...

Oops, I put that date on it so it would stay at the top of my post drafts, so I wouldn't forget to come back to your question once I finished the Circles. I'll fix that :)