Tuesday, 29 April 2008

CTS current rating

I've decided on making Chess Tactics Server part of my official training, not sure on how I'll monitor it, but it's just something I enjoy doing now and then, it's very easy to just open it up and do a few problems. My current ratings etc are below. I don't think I'm really rated around 1163, but this just reflects the fact that I play quite slowly, if I can speed up a bit it will help my game I think.

Rating 1163
RD 57.4
Tries 829
Success 71.2 %
Highest rating 1181
Date of highest rating 2007-12-08 21:26:03
Latest action 2008-04-28 21:46:20

Looking back at some older posts, my rating is slowly rising, what I hope to get out of it is speed in recognising the basic motifs, whereas my circles training will focus on slightly more difficult problems.

Rating 1105
RD 51.1
Tries 583
Success 71.4 %
Highest rating 1146
Date of highest rating 2007-10-06 22:09:59
Latest action 2007-10-18 22:11:55

Rating 1100
RD 39.2
Tries 290
Success 70.7 %
Highest rating 1100
Date of highest rating 2007-08-12 12:09:55
Latest action 2007-08-12 12:09:55

Update: I've been on a bit of a roll and have got it up to 1215, hopefully this reflects the improvements I've made in my game in the last 6 months or so.


Pete (and Louise) said...

Hi Dean,

I read your post and thought I'd have a try on the chess tactics server too. I logged on as a guest and did about 20 puzzles and got them all correct. However, I didn't do them quickly so my guest rating kept falling LOL. I think your right, this is a great tool for training and I'm going to start practicing with it too. Hopefully this will improve my play in blitz games and when there's not much time left on the clock.

Dean said...

Hi Pete (and Louise), what I'm hoping to get out of the training is better pattern recognition, i.e. so that tactics are easier to recognise, so when analysing variations during a long game I know which ones to discount, and what would be good positions to aim for. I wouldn't worry about doing the problems quickly to start with, the speed will come over time. Dean