Monday, 28 April 2008

Getting back into the circles

I'm about to continue with the circles, after I put it on hold for a couple of months. I'd got through 136 problems, with about 50% accuracy. So that seems as good enough a point to start on circle 2. I realise the classic way of doing the circles was to do the whole thousand problems in one go, but it seems the alternative way of doing mini-sets works quite good as well. So will see how quickly I can go through the 136 again, and how accurately, then decide on whether to do another circle of the same problems or try another set. As I'm doing the problems from a book, I tend to just do them on lunch breaks etc, when I'm on the pc at home I prefer to use Chess Tactics Server, which I think complements the circles well. Good luck to the fellow knights who have joined during my temporary hiatus.

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nemo said...

If you don't want to do the full 1000 problems as is suggested for the Circles, you can try doing a set of 200 problems. Since you're doing so little at a time, I suggest sticking to that same set of problems until you have around 80% accuracy. Then I would move up to the next set.

After I finish the Seven Circles(will be done May 10th), I plan on doing these mini-circles until I can do all 1209 problems perfectly. Shall be interesting. Good luck!