Thursday, 8 March 2007

Personal Chess Trainer

I finished unit 6 of TAC01 on Personal Chess Trainer last night. So far it has just shown mate-in-1s and mate-in-2s, which I'm getting a bit bored of :). Does anyone know when it moves onto other tactics?

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Anonymous said...

I bought personal chess trainer and the site charged my credit card but I haven't heard anything from them (been nearly a week) even though I have sent alot of emails asking for my product. I know that someone is monitoring the site since the web page with the contact information was changed (they removed their phone number). Given that they aren't responsive (even though the web site mentions "quick" support) and the web page (which I'm glad I saved) indicated that I would get my product in one day. Save yourself the hassle of opening a fraud claim ... DON'T buy personal chess trainer.