Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Ted slaughters me

I played two friendly games against Ted Pye at Spondon Chess club last night. I got slaughtered in both. I lost material early on in both games to various overloading tactics that I overlooked. I'm trying to think of reasons I overlooked them. One is that I have less experience of OTB compared to 2D computer screens. Another is that Ted is obviously much more tactically aware and experienced than me. But I don't seem to get so overrun in online games. In both games I tended to get myself more into a muddle trying to stop his threats until my pieces were tied up, and then I tried to defend against another threat, overlooking a tactic. In both games he played e4 and c4 quite early and I tried to play kings indian type openings. I might ask him to play a club championship match next time so that I can at least record the moves and try to figure out how I could have improved. He has a style of just putting more and more pressure on pieces, including big pawn pushes until I just can't make any valid moves.

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