Sunday, 22 July 2007

Chess Tactics server

I've just started using Chess Tactics server, it's basically a website that serves up loads of tactical puzzles and rates you depending on how quickly and accurately you solve them. A good thing about the site compared to other applications is that the examples it uses look like they could come from real games. I've attempted 21 problems so far and have an elo rating of 1071. It will be interesting to see what it gets to if I keep practicing.


chessloser said...

the chess tactics server is pretty cool, i try to do it about an hour a day. one thing that was told to me, and i had to learn this, is...go slow, don't worry about time. get the problems correct, that is most important. the speed will come later, and then the higher rating. learn the tactics....good luck..

Dean said...

Yes I know what you mean, my rating has just kept going down so far because I don't do them quick enough. But I can see I'm improving in myself at least. I like that some of the positions aren't really tactical but just have a 'right' move. These sort of things help me see more of my tactics in my games, but sadly don't always help me spot my opponents tactics :(

Anonymous said...

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