Saturday, 21 July 2007

My grade: 50!

I've just found out my grade in the new grading list: 50. Very pleased with it.

Field Value Description
Ref 269843C Grading reference
Name Madden, Dean Name of player, surname first
Sex M
Juniors only, Age on September 1st of current season
Club(s) Club(s) player is listed for
Nationality code
FIDE code


Category D Category A-E
Grade 50 Current Standard grade (amended version, if appropriate)

50 Standard grade (original unamended)
Games 19 Standard games played, latest season

19 Standard games counted (total)


Category A-E or X
Current Rapid grade (amended version, if appropriate)

Rapid grade (original unamended)
Rapid games played, latest season

Rapid games counted (total)

Grade history

Date Cat Standard Cat Rapid
July 2007 D 50

The new grades are posted here.

Unfortunately I'm bottom of the list at our club, but have got a better grade than what some peoples were last season. So it looks like we're improving as a club.

Ref Name Category Grade Last Year Cat Rapid Last Year
110076C Edge, John A C 174 179

111035E Gamble, Raymond J A 152 149

107427B Brown, David J A 148 120

231082L Gregory, Ian B 142 146

210967A Makinson, Paul A D 137 138

164809D Carter, Mark AK C 128 123

166596A Sands, J Graham D 114 119

166028H Woods, Roy D 109 110

116587C Pace, Graham J A 105 95

269838K Cooper, Ben E 105

253102B Wright, Nigel A 99 98

187429K Sheldon, Philip B 98 97

265846L Atkins, Nathan A 95 94

114581C Loomes, Herbert TT A 94 100

107075H Bowes, Getting T E 92

233557J Bradbury, Howard A 91 84

107186F Bramley, Douglas A 91 99

268242E Hickling, Richard P D 85

117666D Ratner, Harry AJ B 78 70

231470J Davison, Gary B 77 80

116506K Orridge, MJ B 71 80

265349H Tabberer, Stuart D 61 61

265851D Gibson, Martin A 55 46

265866F Pye, Ted D 55 48

265869A Sanders, Robert D 55 51

269843C Madden, Dean D 50

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