Monday, 9 July 2007


I've been writing in a relatively new chess forum at It already has a good amount of posters, with some worthwhile reading. It looks to be an improvement on the existing chessexchange, chesspublishing and forums.

I played a few games on Sunday on FICS, I've got my rating back to around 1410 after it dipped to about 1380 again. I was hoping to play in a rapidplay tournament in Lichfield, but couldn't get a day release pass from the wife. She's agreed to let me go to one or two in September.

The ECF grades should be available around the 23rd July according to their forum, having a grade will encourage me to enter more tournaments and hopefully improve. I've been browsing the current grades and there are a few people who have played over 200 longplay rated games in a year. I think if I won the lottery I'd do something like that, travelling around to play in congresses each weekend etc :)

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