Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Round 5 win

Last night I played Louise for the first time in a long time control game. My idea was to play the closed Sicilian against her, but as is typical for my memory, I forgot move 3 was supposed to be g3, not d3. This didn't seem to make much difference to the game, and I suppose shows that learning openings is a waste of time for me and I might as well play any old move that develops or helps strengthen my position to get to an evenish middlegame.

By move 14, I'd just played Na4, and Louise had a much better position with a strong pawn centre and better placed pieces. But I think she pushed a bit too much by playing c4. This gave me a nice square for the Knight on c5, and weakened the pawn structure. She pushed the same pawn again which left me a pawn up. Shortly after I won another pawn.

The big mistake, easy to make, was playing Nd7 above. This allowed me to take the knight for free due to the discovered check from the Queen. Shortly after I skewered her Queen to pick up the rook for a bishop and she resigned on move 30.

I'm sure she'll have better luck next time, and is already much better than I was after only playing for a few months.


Louise said...

Hi Dean,
Last night's game was very enjoyable, thank you for making my evening interesting. It was nice to play you again. Best of luck for future games! Oh and I hope you feel better soon because you felt a little ill on Tuesday.
See you next week!

Dean said...

Thanks Louise, I enjoyed it too, doc said I've got a chest infection but thankfully it's not affecting my chess :)

Louise said...

Oh dear, well at least you can still play chess well. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Glenn Wilson said...

I tweaked how the space is allocated between the board and the moves text so that, in certain circumstances, (such as your blog) the board is bigger. I hope this works for you (and let me know if it does not!)