Thursday, 31 July 2008


Tuesday night I got smashed against the strongest regular player at the club, Ian Gregory, in a club championship game. It was an interesting game where I made an unsound sacrifice, but I was never really in the game and it was good to see how he gradually built up his attack with massive control of the centre files.


There's a good post on the Boylston Chess Club Weblog, which sort of sums up why I am enjoying OTB chess much more than Internet chess. Something else I've found is that it helps to get rid of any other nagging worries and stress, because you're just totally engrossed in the board for a couple of hours.


Pete said...

Ouch. The same happened to me when I played Ian in my 2 quick play games against him and he beat me. What made it worse was the fact that he only started with 2 minutes on the clock for each game and I started with 15 minutes! Good luck next week in the quick play tournament.

Dean said...

Thanks Pete, unfortunately I can't make next week as we're on holiday. Good luck to you and Louise though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dean,

As regards OTB vs Internet, I can agree with the idea that OTB can be more involving/engrossing than the equivalent internet encounter, purely because on is physically with one's opponent.
However, I can say that , for me, I enjoy the internet experience, and in the both the STC games and Team League I generally find myself fully attached to the game.

I'll be honest and say that I don't become too involved in the chatter that takes place at FICS. To me that is a bit like entering an Internet chat room : could be lots of interesting people there, but it can be addictive and grab a huge amount of time.

I would also agree with the BCC guy that sometimes the abuse one receives ( especially from guests ) is remarkable, although that doesn't happen in "league' games, to be sure. I censor all shouts and play in silence, so I do not even see the wierd chat that goes on any more.

At the moment, I don't play OTB. 2 reasons : one is work pressure and the lack of my organisational skills to select a club with a good night for me (Ok that's a poor one, but true :) and the other is language as my Dutch is not up-to-scratch ( though that too is edging to poor as the Dutch compensate more than adequately in excellent English ! ).
I've thought of it for a while here and will finally join one when the Summer is over. ( Summer is very quiet here - "cucumber-time" the Dutch call it : things will start up again in a month ! )

Years ago, I used to be a member of Didcot Chess Club in Oxfordshire. A great time, I have to admit. I even found some scoresheets of one of the seasons I played, and they weren't that bad at all ! If only I had continued with chess back then :(

Regardless, keep the blog going as its a good one to read.

Cheers, Zwaarte Paard

Anonymous said...

Here's the bad part about internet chess...In the STC open I have had 3 games. In 2 of those the opponent failed to show..that's the frustrating & depressing side of it :)


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

My interest in Internet Chess has dwindled to almost nothing in the past few weeks, and for one reason only: I played in my first OTB tournament! I had played in a few short quads at the local club, but once I played in that first tournament I became HOOKED on OTB play. It is much more engrossing AND relaxing. Winning and losing are more fun in OTB.

I am debating on whether or not I should even re-up my membership to the ICC. I probably will as during the hectic school months (I am a college music professor), I probable won't have as much time to play at the club.

Suffice it to say that I am also finding much more pleasure in playing OTB games!

Have a great day,


Anonymous said...

@tommyg: I would agree about OTB being more engrossing...there are many chances to 'lose focus' when playing on the net.

I'm looking forward to playing OTB again, but I'll still keep playing on the net. The best thing is that it is nearly always possible to get an opponent ( especiallly blitz, though that isn't the best to play ).


Anonymous said...

Oh, and correspondence chess is good for proper chess thinking as well...

I use

Dean said...

Hi ZP and Tommy, yes I agree some of the online leagues can be very engrossing, I suppose it just depends on your own attitude to them. I used to play a lot in them, but then found I didn't enjoy it as much. I tried playing a few standard long games on FICS a few weeks ago, and both opponents were abusive to me for taking too long to move even though they'd agreed to the time controls! I know I could just ignore it, but who wants to play with people like that?

Also I'm very lucky in having a club 15mins walk from my house.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed you received abuse from registered players in agreed long time controls...

I've had that sort of thing from guests, but never registered players, althouh I admit I have only played long games in leagues.

I agree, why bother with attitudes like that.

I'm on a losing streak at the moment, since I am playing high-rated players in a level above me in STC.

I suppose I am learning, but it certainly screws your confidence :)